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Block Paving

We install block paved driveways, paths, patios, for the domestic and the commercial sectors. Car parks, yards, small or large driveways or entrances can be installed.  Block paving is a popular product which enhances all properties and if kept maintained will last for years to come.  The beauty of block paving is the uniformity of the manufactured blocks.  A variety of colours are available in a choice of size, style and design.  A range of edgings can also be used in a choice of materials, styles and colours. Only a little maintenance is required to keep your block paving in tip top condition.


For building a driveway the area is dug out to the appropriate level, hard core laid, levelled and compacted, weed free membrane is laid, sharp sand laid, levelled and compacted. If drainage is required it can be installed. Border edgings laid, which can be installed using block paving to complement or contrast the main colour or kerb edgings can be used. Block pavers are laid and once the driveway is laid kiln dried sand is brushed over the pavers.  The sand settles inbetween the  pavers which helps to stabilize them, and help protect them while allowing for the movement of vehicles driving and parking on the pavers.


Block paving requires a little maintenance from time to time to keep it looking good and help lengthen the longetivity of the pavers.

Inevitably over time the weather takes its toll on all exterior surfaces, so whatever driveway, path or patio you have will at some point require some maintenance. Dirt, grime, algae and moss gather making the area look messy and sometimes slippery in wet weather.  We provide a cleaning service where we clean the driveway, path or patio, removing plant growth. The area can be treated to help keep weeds at bay but you cannot stop the wind, birds or insects from spreading seeds, so cleaning will need doing every so often.

To aid the longetivity of the block pavers and enhance your driveway we also provide a re-sanding service.

Initially we will clean the driveway, removing all the dirt, grime, moss and weed growth.  The weather, over time, also removes some of the sand between the blocks, although the block paving may still retain a little sand at the base. By brushing in some new kiln dried sand between the pavers this will provide a top up and as well as enhancing the driveway it will help protect the pavers when vehicles are driven on the surface and parked.

A block pave sealing services can also be provided, if required.

Once the block pave driveway has been cleaned and re-sanded it can be sealed.  This is the application of a sealant, which will bring out the natural colour of the pavers enhancing them and also help to keep the moss and weed growth at bay for longer. Obviously, nature cannot be stopped but cleaning, re-sanding and sealing can enhance the block pavers and maintenance will help preserve the paving.

Since block pavers are laid individually, should they become damaged it is possible to replace damaged blocks.  If one area of your driveway is showing signs of wear and tear with the adverse weather conditions we have in the uk or the constant use of vehicles, it is possible to replace the blocks without the need to remove the whole driveway.  This would need to be assessed and a site visit to check on the plan of action that would be needed.